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I decided to learn Flutter/Dart (again). Some year before I started the first trial with Flutter, but had some problems to understand the architecture and all the widgets. Now I started a new trial by using  youtube videos from, which I really like and which I can only recommend. One need a lot of time to follow the course, when you want to code along which always should be done.

The App is Shop App, it contains a lot of different widgets and techniques and it’s built on a API (Laravel backend), but with the knowledge you will get, it’s easy also to use e.g. Strapi as the backend. 
The course is well structured the teacher speaks a very understandable English, even for a non-native speaker. He is not coding without explaining what he is doing and why. It’s really astonishing that there are people which invest so much time without to get a monetary benefit.

Here are some screen shots of pages you will create during the course, at the end there are a lot more.

I have not yet finished the course which lasts for more then 25 hours, but the first 13 hours 🙂

Now the app evolves. Adding a Laravel based backend (the code can be taken from the GitHub repo from the author), it took me several hours to install on my Mac. In the past I used Laravel also for some projects, but decided later to go a different route, because it’s difficult to handle several programming languages as a single developer. As a JS programmer it’s much easier to use node.js for the backend. 

With the local backend the access to the data is way faster and we can create the sign up and sign in functionality on Flutter.

It really needs a lot of time to code along with the author, but it’s the best way for learning. It’s also important to think about the solution and trying out things by yourself. 

August 2022,

In the meantime we added also GeoLocations, Paypal and a lot more. It’s very interesting but I decided now to start developing my own apps. Flutter is amazing and I will stay with it.