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Flutter shopping list app

This is one of my first own apps which I have been created. In the past I used GetX as a state management and also for a lot more stuff. I decided to abandon GetX and go further with Riverpod. For all other things there are always a lot of alternatives e.g. Autorouter for routing.
The app is a simple shopping list with only a few screens, but with a backend using Laravel, so it can be used anywhere. I decided to use Laravel over Firebase mainly because it’s really free.
I show here some screen shots. The language used in the app is German, because it’s intended only to use inside of the family.

The entry screen shows all activated retailers. On the left side of every entry we show the amount of list entries, in red the amount of articles to pick and in green the amount of articles already picked. From this screen the user can open the categories list and the list of available retailers. On the top left side is a button to open the settings page, here the user can switch between light and dark mode.
When clicking on a list entry the shopping list will be opened.

On the shopping list screen the user can see all articles. The entries can be dragged up and down.

Please see a small overview about the screens in the following youtube video.

The backend is written in php using Laravel as framework. The whole content can also be managed here.

Here e.g. the countries.

Or here the categories.